Monday, April 8, 2013

I knew you were trouble Parody lyrics (Wassabi Production)

this is the parody by wasssabi ;)

Rolanda :

once there was this man,with a super nice tan
he's so obsessed with me,we were meant to be,
He's sexy,he sexy,he sexy see see see see


you say you love me,but I don't  really care
your face scares little kids,and there's something in your hair
you're ugly,you're ugly,you're ugly Eee Eee Eee Eee


he broke my heart,he doesn't want me
but finally,I'll set my love free..

yes,I'll change myself so you can love me,
I'm so sexy,
You've closed your heart no worries I have the key,
for you I'd cross the seas

cause I'll change myself so you can love me,
I'm so sexy,
You've closed your heart,for you,I'd eat eleven bees
now I'm ready to persue your love


Ahh ! Ahhhh! Monster! Monste! Monster!
Ahhh! Ahhh ! Monsterrrrrr !


I do not understand,he's sending mixed signal,
he won't make room for me,he ssys his heart is full
but I'm sexy,I'm sexy,I'm sexy, see see see see eee


he doesn't want you,I know you want me,
just give me a chance,maybe eventually
you'll see,you'll see,you'll see eeee~


Ewww ! Oh my Goshhh!!
Monster! Monster! Monster!
Ewwww! Get away from me !
Monsterrrrr !!!


Ahhh~ Ahhh~
she wants meh,


I'm serious,leave me alone,you two are always here,
why won't you go home !!don't come back !


Yes I'll change my.........(Alex close the door and musics stop,lol)

EWWW get away from me! (said Rolanda to richard LOL)

If u wanna play this parody with your guitar,yeah,use the D chord, wait,I'll give u the chords,
but u try to mix the chords with the lyrics ok,lol, hella awesome :pp

ok,here is it, :

when u start playing this song,use (D,A,Bm,G) 
and when u reach the coures, use (Bm,G,D,A)
lol same chords but diffrent arrangement aight,
try it ! gud luck yaw ! lolololol
*I can't believe I made this post.xD


So this is Richard the guy who loves Rolanda.. xD

and this is Rolanda the 'girl' who loves Alex lol 

and this is the handsome Alex (actually he's Richard too)hahah


thanks for reading