Friday, December 2, 2011

Too late .

Girl : I miss you
Boy : And so?
Girl : I really did.
Boy : Ok
Girl : I'm sorry
Boy : What for?
Girl : For ignoring your efforts to communicate with me
Boy : It's Ok.I got used to it,then I got tired,so I stopped trying and started forgetting
Girl : I...I tried to forget about you, you see.
Boy : ....
Girl : Cause it tore me apart that we can never be..
Boy : Its Ok.
Girl : Why it so ok?
Boy :I got used todays hoping you'd be back,but then you never did.I started facing reality,and started to get move on.
Girl : Wait,am I too late?
Boy : Too late for what?
Girl : To court you?
Boy ; You know? I've always wanted to hear that from you.Back then,a years ago.But I got used to only wishing for it..then relized it would never happen,so I stop hoping
Girl : I'm really sorry,but don't worry,this time,I will make your wish come true.
Boy ; Its my turn to say sorry.Time got into me.You've broken my heart already.I can't risk experiencing that again.Thank you anyway.For communicating wif me after a years of silence..

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